Insurance Can Be Fun!

She repeated these hand and mouth rhythms: sometimes tenderly with just her finger tips dancing on the glistening skin as it slid in and out of her encircling lips; sometimes she would butterfly flick the end of his engorged dick with her tongue; sometimes forcefully with both her hands clenching the massive circumference, jamming the remaining half of his manhood into her mouth. Hands pumping, tongue flicking, head bobbing, she was really putting forth the effort. His ass cheeks tightened every time her fingers and lips moved toward the base of his pole.

Just when I thought that everything was building towards his climax, he tenderly caressed the sides of her head and said, "Babe, why don't you relax and let me work it for awhile?" With her lips still wrapped around his cockhead, she looked up into his eyes and surrendered herself to the upcoming pleasure. It was quite obvious this couple had done this before (at least once).

Now, as the new black director began fucking his blonde partner's mouth with long, slow strokes, she dropped her hands and lightly caressed up and down the length of his thighs. Once he established his slow, but deliberate rhythm, her fingers drifted down to her extended nipples for titillating pinches as she massaged her soft, ample globes. It was exciting to watch as the fingers of her left hand rubbed and squeezed the nipple of her left breast. However, judging from her bouncing movements though, the fingers of her right hand were obviously quite busy with her clit down between her wide spread legs. Her muffled moans with each forward shaft stroke portrayed that good times were being had by all.

His activities were exciting, too. As he held her head motionless, his languid hip movements made long, slow cock strokes straight into her inviting mouth. Her glistening saliva coated halfway along the length of his manhood and measured his penetrations like a dipstick. Intertwining his fingers in the blonde tresses on top of her head, he grasped the base of his big, black shaft with his other hand, pulled it from her encircling lips, and tapped its swollen head on her extended tongue. The wet, slapping sounds blended with her guttural moans of approval. Finished with this, he again put its head between her lips, pushed forward with his hips, and fed it back into her mouth. But, the best was yet to come.

After a few long, slow strokes as before, he cradled the back of her head with both hands, looked down into her eyes, and said, "Take it deeper, Babes. Take it deeper." His next series of strokes were extremely slow, but progressively deeper than before. Then, with each succeeding push of his hips and pull of his hands, more and more of his bulging, black manhood disappeared between her encircling lips, into her mouth, and down her throat. Two inches to go, then one inch to go, then white forehead pressed to black stomach, then stretched red lips against curly pubic hair, and then gone. Her right hand was now really working between her wide spread thighs. Unbelievable! He clutched her face tightly to his groin, his shaft fully down her throat. Then, he slowly withdrew his glistening pole all the way to the head like a swordsman drawing his weapon. For a brief moment, his straining manhood formed a dark, shiny bridge between her flushed face and his bushy crotch. Then, ever so slowly, ever so deliberately, he pushed his cock completely back into her mouth until he was again totally engulfed, lips to hair.

The feelings he was experiencing just had to be out of this world. I know mine were. After a couple more of these full stroke movements, he quickened his pace. When she was kissing him before and controlling the blowjob, she was giving great head. But now with these deep thrusts of his stiff tool impaling her face, he was in command and was literally fucking her mouth. Sensing his impending climax (and to protect her throat from his ram rod), she grabbed the base of his cock with both hands and squeezed. His strokes, now limited to half their former travel by the tight rings of her clutching fingers, began to slow in intensity. Finally, she pulled his cock out of her mouth with a loud, sucking pop and said, "I want you to fuck me."

It was now his turn to sit in the client chair. (By the way, the exact same chair I sat in when I did my last annual review with the Representative.) As he settled in, she climbed up, straddled him with her knees on the padded arms of the chair, and positioned herself over his straining cock. Grasping its base, he held his long, thick shaft motionless in the vertical position. How would she ever take the massive length and girth of this gigantic tool? In slow motion, I watched its bulging head pierce, then stretch the pink folds of her cunt lips as she slowly lowered herself onto his erect meat. Now with him partially inside her, she stopped her downward motion just below the flared hood of his cockhead, and rode this, their most sensitive areas, with short, quick strokes. He sat back in the chair, eyes closed. This had to feel wonderful!

Let me paint the beautifully erotic picture I saw through the partially opened portal of our mutual pleasure.

With her head thrown back, the normally shoulder length tresses of her blonde hair now cascaded past her shoulder blades. Her eyes were tightly closed with her mouth somewhat askew, lipstick slightly smeared (no kidding!). The extended nipple of her right tit was now being well serviced by his flicking tongue. The arch of her back culminated at the twin, alabaster globes of her nicely rounded ass, its reddened cheeks gripped by two large, black hands. At the bottom of her crack, you could see the engorged head of his cock playing its "now you see it, now you don't" act as it appeared, then disappeared in and out of her pink cunt lips. The length of his long, black shaft bridged the gap between the soft folds of her cunt at the top and the fullness of his round, explosive balls at the bottom. I'd heard of voyeurs before, but now I was one.

With her back arched, she slowly lowered her well-rounded ass and took about half of his length. However, with this first stroke, you could tell he was fully inside her because you could see his remaining cock bend as it hit the end of her cunt. As she slowly raised her ass on the upstroke, her juices coated his stiff, glistening pole. After some more bouncing motions with just his cockhead between her cunt lips, she again pushed his shaft back inside her, this time even farther than before.

Her second upstroke, however, was short lived, as she almost immediately sat back hard on his thighs, her body completely engulfing his engorged manhood in one final swoop. At the same time, he also aided this total penetration. With his big, black hands cupping the rounded cheeks of her shapely ass, he pulled her toward him, thrusting forward with his hips until he was hair to hair, all the way inside her, all gone.

It was amazing to see how her cunt lips stretched around the massive girth of his tool. Even though I stood there watching and actually saw it happen, I still had to wonder how she could physically take all of him inside of her. There's an old joke. The average size of a man's penis is about six inches, while the average female vagina is capable of far greater penetrations. These facts mean that there are thousands of miles of pussy going to waste in the world. Well, these two weren't average and her capacity was definitely being used to the fullest.

Their rocking motions were almost continuous now, sometimes with slow, long, full strokes, other times with short, quick, bouncy motions on the end of his shaft. By this time, she had removed her blouse and bra and thrown them on the floor. On their long, full penetrations, she would sit back on his thighs and he would knead the round, white globes of her tits. Then, she would arch her back and lean forward on the short, quick, jabs and he would chase the extended nipples of her bouncing breasts with his tongue. With her hands clutching the back of the chair and sitting almost erect, you could tell from her tightly closed eyes and the quickening of her up and down motions that she about to explode. Boy, she was really working hard! As she grew closer and closer, he also started really ramming it home, his shiny black cock glistening with her cunt juices.

She suddenly went rigid and motionless above him. Then with a continuous, "Ahhhhhhh," her body began to shudder as her climax swept over her. Toward the last, she leaned forward against him and enjoyed the aftershocks as he fervently continued his thrusts into her now sopping wet pussy.

With his head against the back cushion of the chair, eyes clenched shut, his quick, long strokes became more deliberate until finally he exclaimed in a hoarse voice, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" Quickly, she dismounted and sank to her knees. He grabbed the base of his towering pole and aimed it at her face. The first spurt of cum hit her chin and lips just as she was opening her mouth. The second gush shot onto her tongue as her lips engulfed his cockhead and she took the shaft into her mouth. With her lips wrapped tightly around his cock, she inserted its head deeper into her mouth, and pushed rivulets of cum down his shaft, forming a white ring around his dark pole just short of the grasp of her fingers. With her lips still encircling his cock, she matched her head and hand up and down movements to milk his very last cum drops from his tunnel into her mouth. Then, she withdrew his manhood, stopping at the top with just his cockhead in her mouth. She slowly parted her lips and let his monstrous cum load ooze, then drip, then gush out of her mouth and down his shaft. WOW! I almost shot my own wad at the sight.

I suddenly realized that my presence would be more easily detected now that their preoccupation was concluded. I quietly let myself out of the office, quickly took the shortest way down the hall, and out of the building. Once in the parking lot and into my car, I paused awhile to run the mental tape on what I had just witnessed - no experienced. What a rush! The moment I got back at work, I immediately went to my office, closed the door, and wrote down as much as I could remember about this, my greatest visual treat. I've never been a voyeur before, but given another opportunity in future, I won't turn it down.

Insurance Can Be Fun!